2018 15U League FAQs

Posted by Rick Farr on Apr 13 2018 at 05:00PM PDT in PABR 2019

I’m currently playing on a Prep team, and I’d like to play in the 15U League, what do I do next?

All registration data from Prep players has been copied into our 15U registration database (to save having to register twice). If you’d like to be considered for the 15U league, complete this two-question survey. 

I didn’t play 15U last year, but I’m currently playing on a Prep team. Do I need to try out for the 15U League?

No. Your ~8 week Prep season serves as your tryout. More than half of the 15U managers also manage or coach one of the Prep teams. 15U managers and coaches who are not coaching in the Prep League are strongly encouraged to attend Prep League games and practices so that they are able to assess Prep players. To be eligible to be drafted onto a 15U team, you simply need to state your desire to play in the 15U league via our online survey, and pay your registration fee.

Am I ready for the 15U league?

We find that the Prep season generally does a good job of PREParing (hence the name of the Prep season) players for the 15U league. Without doubt, the quality of play of the 15U season is a step up from the Prep season due to the age, size, and skill of the players joining from their high school season. You should feel confident that, if you are chosen to play in the 15U League, experienced coaches and managers have determined that you are qualified to play.

What if I don’t get drafted onto a 15U team?

You will get a full refund of your 15U registration fee. We encourage you to play Babe Ruth next fall and again next Prep season to continue to develop your skills in hopes of making a 15U team next season.

How many Prep players will be drafted onto a 15U team?

This varies from year to year based on the amount of returning players; we expect that about half of the 2018 Prep league participants who are not already assigned to a 15U team will be drafted onto a 15U roster.

How does the draft work?

The managers and coaches from the 8 15U teams will gather in late April or early May. Each roster can be between 13 and 15 players. All teams have some number of returning players from last season (usually between 5 and 10 returning players). The coaching staffs will select players from the “Player Pool” (players not already on a 15U team from last season) until they reach their desired roster size (most teams carry 14 or 15 players).  

I played on a 15U team last year, what team will I be on this season?

Once drafted onto a 15U team, you stay on that team’s roster for the duration of your Babe Ruth career. If you wish to play on a different team, you are able to request a release, but you then need to try out again before being drafted onto a new team.


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