2018 15U League Draft Results

Posted by Rick Farr on May 18 2018 at 05:00PM PDT in PABR 2019
Aguilar, John Paul - Palo Alto Oaks    Gallagher, David - Ada's Cafe    Leong, Tommy - Old Pro   Shashi, Siddharth - Goetz Bros  
Allen, Remington - Ada's Cafe   Gicale, Gabriel - Ada's Cafe   Letsinger, Davis - Palo Alto Oaks   Shieh, Nicholas - Alhouse  
Barthelemy, Max - Palo Alto Oaks   Grant, Elliot - Ada's Cafe   Lyon, Zachary - Guy Plumbing   Silva, Palo - Guy Plumbing  
Battles, Weston - Ada's Cafe   Halloran, Jack - Ada's Cafe   Mar, Jonathan - Sundance   Silver, Zack - Old Pro  
Bolte, Henry - Palo Alto Oaks   Hogan, Sean - The Dutch Goose   Marburg, Oliver - Goetz Bros   Simison, Brody - Sundance  
Brown, Jayden - Guy Plumbing   Hyrkin, Andre - The Dutch Goose   Martin, Jackson - Goetz Bros   Soliman, Richard - Alhouse  
Buddie, Luke - Goetz Bros   Illouz, Simon - The Dutch Goose   Mavrakakis, Christos - Ada's Cafe   Sterling, Quinton - Palo Alto Oaks  
Conrad, JP - Guy Plumbing   Jack, Joaquin - Ada's Cafe   Mostofizadeh, Tyler - The Dutch Goose   Swee, Nicholas - Sundance  
Cook, Warren - Ada's Cafe   Jiang, Kelvin - Alhouse   Olsen, Callum - Guy Plumbing   Thibault, Colin - The Dutch Goose  
De Feo, Dominic - Old Pro   Jung, Taehwan - Goetz Bros   Papp, Sam - The Dutch Goose   Thieman, Luke - Ada's Cafe  
Dodge, Chris - Alhouse   Kim, Andrew - Goetz Bros   Rasmussen, Peter - Goetz Bros   Vagelos, Evan - Guy Plumbing  
Duggan, Aidan - Alhouse   Leclerc, Carson - Sundance   Roberts, Deaveon - Palo Alto Oaks   Watkins, Nathan - Old Pro  
Dullabh, Darshan - Ada's Cafe   Lee, Brian - Old Pro   Rose, Joseph - Sundance   Wingard, Bowman - Palo Alto Oaks  
Felsch, Rowan - Guy Plumbing   Lee, Colin - Guy Plumbing   Seki, Evan - Alhouse   Zajac, Kieran - Old Pro  
Fuller, Marion - Goetz Bros   Lee, Samuel - Alhouse          


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