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If my son is already committed to a travel baseball team, can he also play Palo Alto Babe Ruth?

Yes, in fact 80% of the players in PABR play for travel baseball teams and most of the older players also participate on high school teams. The scheduling works, because the 15U regular season only runs from mid-May through June. Much like Little League, there is no reason for a player to make a choice between either travel baseball or Babe Ruth. Most players do both with zero scheduling conflicts.

Is it mandatory to play in the Prep League?

No, but if your son is not on a high school team, we strongly encourage him to register for this league that runs from March to mid-May. This will allow players to develop and coaches to evaluate for the 15U draft. The Prep League is open to all 7th and 8th graders, as well as any high school player not on a high school roster.

When are tryouts?

If your son registers for the Prep League, he will not need to tryout. He will be placed on a Prep League roster and all coaches will be evaluating Prep players for the 15U draft. However, if your son is unable to participate in the Prep League, we will have a separate tryout in late-April for the 15U draft.

Should my son play 50/70 or Babe Ruth?

The difference between these two leagues is that Babe Ruth is played on a full sized diamond (60/90), equivalent to high school distances. A general rule of thumb, if your son is 13 years old and was fairly competitive in Little League (all-star or superbowl level player), then we believe he should play Babe Ruth even if he is physically small. However, if your son is still learning the game and is a very young 13 year old, we see value in playing 50/70 for a year of growth.

Do I need to live within the boundaries of the League? 

For our Prep Season and 15U Season, we don’t have strict boundary rules for players. In fact, some of our active players span from Saratoga to San Carlos and played in remote Little Leagues. The only strict boundary rule pertains to our All-Star Season, which requires a player to have an address in either Redwood City, Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola Valley, Ladera, Woodside, East Palo Alto or Palo Alto. 


What are the total costs to play?

The cost to register for our Prep Season is $400 per player and there are no cuts, so everyone will be placed onto a roster. The cost to register for our 15U Season is $425 per player ($25 discount for Early Bird). You will receive a full refund if your child doesn’t get drafted onto a 15U team. For each season, registration fees cover the full cost of all practices, games, tournaments, umpires, fields and uniforms. We also offer non-discriminatory financial aid and are committed to supporting an economically diverse community of youth baseball players.

PABR League FAQs Brochure


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